Monday, March 14, 2011

Ganda ng Maynila!!!

Today I had  an early schedule at Department of Foreign Affairs for my passport application. Me, being without sense of direction,has no other choice than to let my husband take  me there via his motorcycle. It's been a long time since I rode with him and somehow it's a good idea that I did. I get to see Manila as if for the first time.

I've been working for eleven years at a hardware company located at Sta. Cruz, Manila. But never did I thought Manila as a beautiful place worthy of visiting. For me it is a place with lots of dirty, drooling and smelly horses which I had a slight phobia of. A place with dirty streets, never ending traffics, haven for beggars and street children, and of course (and still), the horses. 

Today I saw Manila differently. As we entered Abad Santos St., I didn't even notice that we were nearing Divisoria because the place was so calm in the morning. There were only a few people and not a cop in sight! Binondo for me is a mixture of old and new age. Even with its towering establishments, the old chinatown was somehow preserve. I really love the "friendship arc" which is at the heart of Binondo. The Binondo Church was astonishing. Its structure is amazing. I saw the details clearly kanina. I never attended a mass there yet but one day I will. We usually went to Quiapo Church. The Intramuros golf area was a beautiful sight in the morning as if the waters from the garden sprinkler are performing a synchronize dance routine. Wonderful! And I love how the people of Manila became health conscious. I saw lot of joggers, cyclist and aerobic dancers around Luneta. I would have join them if not for my scheduled appointment. I also love Roxas Blvd. in the morning. A kinda-old-school-love-to stroll-in-the-morning way. 

However simple I may sound as I describe the City of Manila, for me it is breathtaking.

By the way, my husband took me to the wrong place. He left me at the old DFA office at Arnaiz St. I was supposed to go to the new DFA office at Macapagal  Ave. Thanks to Manong Guard for giving me direction I was able to find the place and be there on time.


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