Wednesday, December 29, 2010

not so merry xmas vacation

I admit I am not looking forward for this year's holiday season. With all my money troubles and relationship problems. But still, I am positive for a somewhat happy way to celebrate the occasions because I still have a family and other people around me that will see to it that I will still be happy in spite of all my troubles.

The office xmas party is ZERO. That is, for two years now we don't have a company xmas party. So my friends in the office and I decided to go to MOA to celebrate our last day together for the year 2010. I will rate our "lakwatsa" as 10 (given as the highest). It was an unforgettable, super fun day. Lots of laughter and eating of course. Don't mind the long walks because we always have a smile on our faces every time the camera make its shot.

On the 24th, we celebrate or traditional noche buena and my youngest brother's birthday with a slight twist. Aside from our usual gift givings, we had a mini parlor games. It is such a joy to play and kid around with your own family. The food was adequate but the gifts were enormous. Everybody felt very special with their gifts specially my sister-in-law, Apple. She even shed tears because of the overwhelming feelings she felt. I, too, would have cried if I did not control myself. The party was a sure 10.

Another party we attended is a post-xmas party with our best friends. We went to Dinah and Noel's house at Montalban to celebrate an after xmas party with our other friend Rona and Rodney. we are together with our families as well as Dinah and Noel's extended family. The foods were nice and delicious but I don't like the firecrackers that the guys were crazy about. It was a nice, relaxing party. Well, until it's time to sleep. My husband was possessed with the demon spirit when the night comes. Of all places to quarrel! We went home early the next morning because or fight needs to continue. This one is 5 for me.

After the fight I fell ill. Tonsilitis. For 3 days now I lay on bed because of fever and body pains. I can't eat right because my throat hurts a lot. I puke two times already. So far the medicine is helping. I just hope that I get well as soon as possible. My vacation was wasted. All the things I planned to do never came thou. A perfect Zero for me.

A not so merry xmas vacation right?

I also misses someone so much this holiday season. haaaayyyyy....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Divisoria, anyone?

It's been a tradition of a common Filipino to visit Divisoria during the holiday season because it offers various gift items at a very cheap cost. You just have to endure the steep road, exhausting traffic and the ever energetic crowd that is so willing to push you or give you an elbow when you block their shopping view.

Earlier this year, I promise myself not to include Divisoria on my holiday itinerary. With proper budgeting I can manage to shop at Sm or other similar stores without spending so much. Well, that's what I thought. 

Last night, I found myself squeezing with the crowd at Divisoria (where else!). I guess I'm too weak for the allure of cheap prices and wide choices at Divisoria. It's always a very tiring but satisfying experience shopping there.

So, I guess Divisoria is on my blood because a true Filipino Christmas is not complete without a tour and a shopping galore at Divisoria.
Happy shopping.....!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beware of Salisi Gang

Just this afternoon our office became a victim of 'SALISI GANG'. A pair of teenagers came into our warehouse which is located on the first floor. The only people there is our Warehouse Manager and a single customer. The couple were asking for 'pamasko', and they present their envelop to prove their intention. And as they were handing our Warehouse Manager their envelop another guy walks in and pick up some things lying on the floor which happens to be our product for selling. Then he quickly runs for it. He happens to take away stuff worth almost P3,000.00. Since, our guy cannot chase the guy who took our stuff, he then detains the couple who entered earlier. But this couple denied that they knew the guy who stole our items. They told our guy that they are not part of a 'salisi gang', they were just an innocent couple asking for 'pamasko'.

Incidentally, a policeman is waiting for his patrol car being fixed by a nearby car shop. He was alerted of the incident and took charge. The couple was transferred to his care to be taken  to the nearest police station. 
Our Warehouse Manager come along to report the incident.

Whether the couple is innocent or not, the bottom line is we were victimized. This is so common during the holiday season. What was surprising is that the perpetrator were teenagers. They were minors so they can't be charged. 

This will served as a  lesson to all of us to always be aware of our surroundings and always be prepare of the people coming in or out of our offices or even home. 

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What the world has come to?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


today i learned the true meaning of the word "OUTCAST". i learned it in a very hard and painful way. the funny thing is i honestly believe that i don't deserve all the negative treatment i'm getting. for one, i never did anything that would offend anybody. i tried my hardest to make 'pakisama' with everybody.

it's too painful to accept that those people that you treated as sisters would have the nerve to 'bad mouth' you then blame everything on you though you haven't done anything.

i really don't have any idea why their are doing this to me. i tried to ignore their 'ka-oa-yan' for the sake of our friendship. i told myself that this thing would pass. i was wrong, it became worse. over!!!

for now, i have to accept the fact that i am branded as an outcast. i will try not to care for it is not in my nature to succumb when i know i am innocent.

god bless them and forgive them for the kind of people they are...

Monday, December 13, 2010



i believe that no one is gifted with always making the right choices. well. I'm one of those unlucky enough to always made the wrong choice. i always told myself that i don't regret anything that came or happened in my life. it helped made me who i am today. but i guess i don't like what i have become. i still don't achieve anything grandiose or relevant in any way. yes, i have a lovely daughter whom i am so proud of because she's doing good at school. but i don't think I'm an ideal mom. i know she loves me so much, but i was not always there for her. i want her to be proud of me too.

how's my heart? that is a topic i don't want to talk about yet. kumbaga sa facebook status: it's complicated.

once, i told myself to live by the choices i made. i tried. i tried very hard. I'm still trying.

but until when...