Tuesday, December 14, 2010


today i learned the true meaning of the word "OUTCAST". i learned it in a very hard and painful way. the funny thing is i honestly believe that i don't deserve all the negative treatment i'm getting. for one, i never did anything that would offend anybody. i tried my hardest to make 'pakisama' with everybody.

it's too painful to accept that those people that you treated as sisters would have the nerve to 'bad mouth' you then blame everything on you though you haven't done anything.

i really don't have any idea why their are doing this to me. i tried to ignore their 'ka-oa-yan' for the sake of our friendship. i told myself that this thing would pass. i was wrong, it became worse. over!!!

for now, i have to accept the fact that i am branded as an outcast. i will try not to care for it is not in my nature to succumb when i know i am innocent.

god bless them and forgive them for the kind of people they are...


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