Monday, December 20, 2010

Divisoria, anyone?

It's been a tradition of a common Filipino to visit Divisoria during the holiday season because it offers various gift items at a very cheap cost. You just have to endure the steep road, exhausting traffic and the ever energetic crowd that is so willing to push you or give you an elbow when you block their shopping view.

Earlier this year, I promise myself not to include Divisoria on my holiday itinerary. With proper budgeting I can manage to shop at Sm or other similar stores without spending so much. Well, that's what I thought. 

Last night, I found myself squeezing with the crowd at Divisoria (where else!). I guess I'm too weak for the allure of cheap prices and wide choices at Divisoria. It's always a very tiring but satisfying experience shopping there.

So, I guess Divisoria is on my blood because a true Filipino Christmas is not complete without a tour and a shopping galore at Divisoria.
Happy shopping.....!!!!!


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