Monday, December 13, 2010



i believe that no one is gifted with always making the right choices. well. I'm one of those unlucky enough to always made the wrong choice. i always told myself that i don't regret anything that came or happened in my life. it helped made me who i am today. but i guess i don't like what i have become. i still don't achieve anything grandiose or relevant in any way. yes, i have a lovely daughter whom i am so proud of because she's doing good at school. but i don't think I'm an ideal mom. i know she loves me so much, but i was not always there for her. i want her to be proud of me too.

how's my heart? that is a topic i don't want to talk about yet. kumbaga sa facebook status: it's complicated.

once, i told myself to live by the choices i made. i tried. i tried very hard. I'm still trying.

but until when...


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