Thursday, January 20, 2011


You're not a true pinoy if you've never been to LUNETA!

Last weekend, my 'dabarkads'  and I decided to visit Luneta. I'm so glad to see that it is being rehabilitated to encourage other people to visit Luneta and go outdoors than just visit the mall to spend their time and money.

The first thing I notice is the Department of Tourism building. I didn't notice it before when me and my family frequents the park when I was a child.  I love the facade. The big sun glows when it's nighttime. A big irony according to my daughter.

A new addition to the park is the humongous Lapu-lapu statue that is a gift from Koreans. The only problem with this place is the large steps of the stairs that you have to take if you want to take picture beside the statue. By the time you reach the top 'hingal kabayo' ka na.

This one is actually the Administration and Security Office but we named it "Bahay ni Rizal" because of it's ethnic look. The two girls at the gate are applying as security guards. Hehehe...

Another attraction at the park for the kids is the 'Thomas and Friends' train ride. This will take you on a brief tour at the park in a very slow pace. Beware, this is not for free. It cost P50.00 for adults and P20.00 for kids.

And the most popular addition at the Luneta today is the dancing fountain. It's a far cry from the Khalifa Fountain at the Burj Dubai but still, A for the effort of the Manila City Council for this.

Nice di ba?

No matter how baduy going to the park is, I would still prefer it than staying at the mall.


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